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The Wax nothing but the Wax!

Let me tell you EXACTLY what wax we use!  Oh wait, that's TOP SECRET!  What I can tell you is that each and every Mam Jam's candle is made with the highest quality SOY wax made right here in the good 'ole USA!  Buying American made products is more important than ever right now, and our wax comes directly from western and midwestern farmers! 

There are many benefits of burning soy candles.  First, soy is a renewable resource!  Soybeans are widely produced and readily available! Mam Jam's is proud of the fact that our candles are made from wax that supports our local farmers!

Next, Soy wax is all natural!  In contrast, paraffin candles  are made from a by -product of petroleum.  They tend to produce lots of soot that can accumulate on your walls, carpet and furnishings.  Soy wax produces MUCH less soot and doesn't release harsh chemicals into the air around you!  Soy candles are non-toxic and biodegradable which is better for our EARTH!

Additionally, Soy candles last LONGER!  Due to the cooler melt temperatures, soy candles typically burn much longer than a paraffin candle of the same size!  So, if you ever think...."Hmmmm, why are soy candles more expensive?"....just remember, you get A LOT more bang for your BUCK!  

Finally, Soy candles tend to hold their scent better and distribute it more evenly while burning.  Our Mam Jam's candles are highly scented!  We pack as much fragrance in them as the candles will hold!  I'd tell you just HOW MUCH....but, that's highly CLASSIFIED!  :) You see, each fragrance is different.   Each interacts with the Soy wax in a slightly different manner.  Hence, we've done a great deal of research into getting our formulas JUST right!  So, if you want a Mam Jam's Candle, you're just going to have to buy one! 

So you see, there are many different factors that make Mam Jam's Candles special!  We'll discuss another on our next blog.  Until then, BUY a Mam Jam's Candle!  You'll be so glad you did. We pack 'em full of pride and love and AND..they're all slow poured by hand!  

Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any candle questions!  So long for now!









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