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Let's Get WICKed X 3

Almost as important as the wax we use, the wick plays an integral role in our candle making formula!  Mam Jam's candles are made with all cotton wicks that are lead and zinc free!  The wick size is also an extremely important factor! If your wick is too large for the container, it can produce a flame that is too large and an excessive amount of soot.  The container may become very hot and the wick itself may mushroom.  If on the other hand the wick is too small, you will find that your wax pool may not reach all the way to the edges of your container; thus, producing what we call "tunneling".  If you've ever had a candle that leaves an excessive amount of wax on the sides of your container, its most likely due to incorrect wick sizing!  We, at Mam Jam's candles use high quality wicks that are pretested for an efficient burn and sized correctly!  

Now, let's talk about THREE wick candles!  Why burn three wicks?  Well, there are several good reasons why you might like to try them!  First and foremost is the illumination.  Oftentimes, people use candles as the centerpiece of a room.  With a three wick, you get a greater amount of light produced, thus highlighting your candle as the focal point!  Next, they produce an even greater scent throw!  Suppose you have a very large open space or you've just cooked crab for dinner and need to get rid of that odor quickly!  Our three wick candles have more wax and in a larger container, thus allowing for a larger burn pool.  In general, the larger the burn pool, the more fragrant the candle!  Next, they are very economical!  I'm all about getting more for less!  If you really love a particular fragrance, try a three wick. You don't have to burn them as long to get the same effect as a smaller candle!  Finally, they make awesome gifts!  More often than not, people love candles! The act of purchasing and giving a high quality, hand- poured candle, is so much more significant than purchasing a cheap knock off and it's a very thoughtful gesture.  


AND HERE'S THE PUNCH LINE.....Now is the time to try a three wick because...

            ....we've got DISCOUNTS!!  From now through June 19th (my birthday) I'm offering YOU a GIFT!  Buy a three wick candle in your favorite scent, and receive a free 8 ounce candle in a different scent.  This way, you can try a new fragrance and you don't have to pay for it!!  Simply use PROMO code:  TRYSOMETHINGNEW at checkout!  


'Til next time!  <3 Tracy

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